pharynx cancer:pharyngectomy


  • Dr. Shilpi Sharma Best Throat Cancer Doctor in Gurgaon. A pharyngectomy is the removal of part of the pharynx. It is a general term that could vary from a small surgery that removed a tiny tumor on the back wall of the oropharynx to a major resection requiring a free flap for reconstruction.
  • In many cases, a pharyngectomy is done as part of removal of another tumor that extends into the pharynx. For example, a total laryngopharyngectomy is the removal of the entire larynx as well as the entire hypopharynx (along with variable parts of the oropharynx). Even a total laryngectomy often includes removal of a strip of pharynx, which is technically called a total laryngectomy with a partial pharyngectomy.
  • In general, a pharyngectomy is done for select cases of cancer of the nasopharynx, oropharynx or hypopharynx. Many cancer teams will recommend treatment of these types of tumors with chemotherapy and radiation, while others will recommend surgery followed by radiation. There are many factors to consider in making a treatment choice.

Types of pharyngectomy

  • Throat cancer. Throat cancer occurs when cells in the pharynx or larynx (voice box) begin to divide abnormally and out of control. A total or partial pharyngectomy is usually performed for cancers of the hypopharynx (last part of the throat), in which all or part of the hypopharynx is removed.
  • Hypopharyngeal carcinoma (HPC). A carcinoma is a form of cancerous tumor that may develop in the pharynx or adjacent locations and for which surgery may be indicated.